Emergency Care

Pediatric Dentist Grayson

It can be difficult to see your child in discomfort.  Accidents happen and we are here to help.  If your child is suffering from a dental emergency, toothache or traumatic dental injury, give our office a call as soon as possible at 470-508-0125 so we can determine what your child needs to feel comfortable again. 

Here are basic guidelines for some common dental emergencies:

Knocked-out tooth: If a permanent tooth, rinse the tooth gently and put it back into the socket if safe to do so. Otherwise, immerse the tooth in a cup of milk.  Contact our office immediately.

Chipped or cracked tooth: Save any tooth fragments, if possible. Rinse your child’s mouth gently with warm salt water. Apply cold compresses for swelling and pain, as needed. Contact our office as soon as possible.

Lost crown: If a dental crown becomes loose or falls off the tooth, contact us immediately.  Leaving the tooth uncrowned may lead to further tooth damage.

Soft tissue injuries: For injuries causing bleeding in the mouth or gums, rinse your child’s mouth carefully. Hold damp gauze or a dampened tea bag on the site for 15 minutes. If the bleeding still continues, contact us.

For more details on what to do in certain emergency situations, please view the Emergency Guide below:

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